Importance of Earth Conductivity

Earth Conductivity Material (PRO-Earth)

Ions enable electrical flow in the ground. The grounding system and its surroundings must be able to regulate rapid ion flow. If the movement of ions in the ground is low, the resistance will be high and the current will not flow easily. In an ideal grounding system, grounding resistance must be as low as possible in order for the electrical current to easily flow through the ground. However, it is not always possible to reach the desired grounding resistance. Earth Conductivity Material (Pro-Earth) is a material that increases conductivity, and serves to reduce the grounding resistance in all types of ground (rocky, sandy). It is the ideal material for ground with weak conductivity.

Advantages of PRO-Earth Compared to Coal and Salt

When two different metals are side by side, a potential difference occurs between them due to the difference of ion numbers between metals. This difference causes the metals to act like a battery and ion flow to form. This is called “galvanic corrosion”.

Due to the electrochemical potential between coal and copper, coal gains copper’s ions. The number of ions decreases over time in the copper, and this causes the copper to lose its characteristics. The electrolyte formed when salt combines with water leads to corrosion in the copper and decomposes it. The amount of salt contained in the underground water is decreased and wastes away over time.