What is Exothermic Welding

Exothermic Welding Materials

The materials to be used for exothermic welding shall have the following properties. All connection points remaining below ground (connections between grounding electrodes and down conductors etc.) shall be provided by exothermic welding method. Welding powder shall be fired by electronic methods (with an electronic flint gun) at a given distance as per occupational health and safety. Exothermic welding products shall have a domestic goods certificate.

What is Exothermic Welding?

Exothermic welding is the welding process that can be applied easily even for different metals, such as coppercopper, copper-steel, steel-steel, aluminum-copper, aluminum aluminum in joints that must be connected electrically. For electrical connections, it is very important to create an uninterrupted and solid transmission line in conductors.

Importance of Exothermic Welding in Grounding Systems

One of the most important problems experienced in grounding installations after many years is the corrosion in underground conductor connections, which brings about problems such as loosening and separation. In order to prevent such problems from occurring, underground conductors must be connected using exothermic welding. Exothermic welding is the most efficient way to create a high-quality electrical connection without the need for an external heat source.


– A high quality electrical connection that provides better conductivity.

– Greater current carrying capacity than mechanical connection.

– Provides quick and easy installation.

– Does not age in time.

– Better corrosion resistancy than the mechanical connection.

– No loosening and seperation risk as in the mechanical connetion.

– No voltage drop at the connection point as in the mechanical connection.